"Bringing people together to improve the lives of individuals, families and communities"

TAFCS Action Plan for 2015

Submitted to AAFCS (Current Plan of Action)


Due September 1, 2015

Submitted: Dr. M. Swafford (TTU)

INSTRUCTIONS: Please use the framework of the AAFCS Strategic Planning Guide to report the Action Plan for your State Affiliate. This will facilitate communicating to the AAFCS Board of Directors, other AAFCS groups, and Headquarters Staff liaison(s) the plans, progress and results of the AAFCS Affiliates. The outline to follow is intended to serve as guide. Formatting can be as shown or in a chart format of your choice for monitoring progress. Make this form useful to your State!

  1. Name of AAFCS Affiliate: Tennessee
  2. Name of Affiliate Leader and Title: Misty Vinson Hughes, President and Dr. Melinda Swafford, Vice President Program of Work
  3. E-Mail: misty.vinson@bsgh.com, Dr. Swafford-mswafford@tntech.edu
  4. Phone: 432-563-6145, Dr. Swafford 931-372-6157
  5. Outcomes (goals) that will be addressed based on AAFCS Strategic Plan for 2008-2013 (check all that apply):
    1. image/svg+xml Strategic Outcome 1: Knowledge and Skills are Applied for the Public Good Members and customers are recognized for generating and applying research-based knowledge and skills gained through AAFCS to implement programming that addresses public issues and prevents, reduces, or eliminates persistent personal and societal problems.
    2. image/svg+xml Strategic Outcome 2: AAFCS is Key to Success for Professionals in FCS Members, customers and partners view engagement in AAFCS initiatives, networking and ongoing professional development and research opportunities as key to their professional success.
    3. Strategic Outcome 3: AAFCS Credentials are Highly Valued AAFCS accreditation, certification, and testing programs are recognized as valuable to individuals, educational institutions, and industries that prepare and employ preprofessionals and professionals engaged in the work of improving quality of life.
    4. image/svg+xml Strategic Outcome 4: AAFCS Collaboration Effectively Leverages Resources AFFCS allies collaborate to leverage organizational resources and achieve mutually desirable goals.
  6. Actions/Strategies/Activities to be used to achieve the AAFCS Mission*, Strategic Focus**, and Strategic Outcomes: (please include details of how you intend to utilize volunteers, student liaisons, partnerships with other groups/organizations and other resources). *Mission: To provide leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families, and communities in making informed decisions about their well being, relationships and resources to achieve optimal quality of life. **Strategic Focus: AAFCS provides its members and customers high quality research-based professional development distinguished by its integrative and holistic approach.
    1. Specific goal(s)/outcome(s):
      1. Members and customers are recognized for generating and applying research-based knowledge and skills gained through AAFCS to implement programming that addresses public issues and prevents, reduces, or eliminates persistent personal and societal problems. Selected presentations at our state conference help met this need for perpetual and current issues in society. Highlight the work of TN Extension agents, professionals in higher education, social service professionals, and FCS students in higher education, etc.
      2. Strategic Outcome 2 and 4: AAFCS collaboration effectively leverages resources and utilize networking, professional development, and research opportunities as a key to professional success. AFFCS allies collaborate to leverage organizational resources and achieve mutually desirable goals• Highlight connections between the programs in Tennessee high schools, human service agencies, and programs in higher education.
    2. Strategic action(s) to achieve this (these) outcome(s): B#1
      1. Determine place for state meeting
      2. Post date and place of state meeting on website and place in newsletter. Send out to all current members and potential new members.
      3. Prepare for distribution the Call for Proposals for the 2016 TAFCS State Meeting
      4. Evaluate proposals for appropriateness and select appropriate for presentation at conference.
      5. Collaborate with TATAFCS for professional development for state FCS teachers
      1. Discuss various ways to improve awareness of FCS to the public and legislators
      2. Investigate steps to initiate a FSC Legislation Day on the Hill
      3. Collaborate with other FCS units in higher education to attend Legislation on the Hill
      4. Update brochure
      5. Post updated brochure on TAFCS website
      6. Collaborate with other professional organizations that support FACS
      7. Attend meetings with state legislators to promote awareness of how FCS addresses current issues in society and distribute updated brochure
      8. Add quality resources to the website
    3. Target audience(s):
      C#1: TAFCS members, students in higher education, teachers in public schools, customers and potential members, and partners.
      C#2: TAFCS members, potential members and partners, secondary and higher education teachers, State Legislators, State Department of Education CTE division, State Board of Education, citizens of the state.
    4. Timeline:
      D#1: July 2015 determine place for state meeting; October 2015 post date and place on website and place in newsletter; November 2015 send out Call for Proposals; January 2016 review and select appropriate proposals. February 2016 collaborate with TATAFCS for professional development. Achieve outcomes by April 30, 2016.
      D#2: Contact Legislative Plaza to initiate FCS Legislation on the Hill, October 2015. November 2015 update brochure draft and make final revisions. December 2015 collaborate with other FCS professionals to attend Legislation on the Hill. February 2015 print brochure. March 2016 attend Legislation on the Hill in Nashville to distribute brochure. Achieve outcomes by April 30, 2014.
    5. Person(s) responsible:
      E#1: Members of TAFCS board members, Vice President Program of Work
      E#2: Members of TAFCS Board of Directors
    6. Evaluation plan: F#1: Distribute an evaluation survey at the State meeting and tabulate data- (results of the survey and number of members and guest in attendance). Submit final report to AAFCS. Achieve outcomes by May 1, 2016

Due May 1, 2015

  1. For Final Report, provide a brief, descriptive narrative of outcomes achieved. Include actions and activities completed, modifications to plan, recommendations for work the following year, etc. (Use this same form to submit your final report, entering your narrative below.
  2. Enter your summary statement (highlights of outcomes achieved) here for the Summary of Affiliate Highlights.

Completed Action Plans are due September 1, 2014. Submit plan via E-mail to
Jane Walker, Director of Affiliates at walkerj@ncat.edu.

Please note: if your affiliate's program planning meeting(s) is/are after September 1, you may:

  • submit a draft Action Plan on September 1 then update it when plans are complete
  • or submit an E-mail informing Jane of the date when your Action Plan will be submitted

Final Report of Results is due to Jane Walker on May 1, 2015, along

with photo of President for Parade of Affiliate Leaders PowerPoint